LEGO Hera Syndulla Minifigure SW0576: An Exclusive Collectible Review in 2024

Are you a fan of LEGO? If so, you likely know all about the fascinating Hera Syndulla from the Star Wars franchise. The sought-after LEGO minifigure SW0576, depicting this unique and impressive character, is a must-have for any collector. Both LEGO and Star Wars enthusiasts will appreciate the intricate details of this exceptional addition to their sets.

When acquiring the LEGO Hera Syndulla Minifigure SW0576, you’ll have the chance to own a precise representation of the fearless pilot from Star Wars Rebels. This minifigure first made its appearance in 2014, and since then, has been a standout piece for collectors.

As you search for this notable minifigure, it’s essential to understand its value and features. With its distinct design and connection to the beloved Star Wars franchise, LEGO Hera Syndulla is a treasured addition to collections everywhere, offering an exciting opportunity for LEGO and Star Wars enthusiasts alike.

LEGO Hera Syndulla Minifigure Overview

If you’re a fan of LEGO Star Wars and the character of Hera Syndulla, you’ll definitely appreciate the LEGO Hera Syndulla Minifigure SW0576. This section will provide an overview of the minifigure, including design and appearance, as well as key facts.

Design and Appearance

The LEGO Hera Syndulla minifigure is designed with great attention to detail, capturing Hera’s unique Twi’lek features and her pilot’s outfit. The minifigure features a dual-sided printed head with Hera’s green skin and Lekku, or “headtail.” One side of the head has a focused, serious expression, while the other side has a warm, friendly smile.

Wearing her orange flight suit and brown fighter pilot’s vest, the minifigure’s torso and legs are also printed with various straps, pouches, and details that make her ready for action. Her brown pilot gloves, along with matching boots, complete the overall look.

Key Facts

  • ID: SW0576
  • First release: 2014 as a part of the Star Wars 75053 set called The Ghost.
  • Price Used: $8.90
  • Price New: $28.00
  • Sets that include the Hera Syndulla minifigure: 75053, 75127

Sets that include the Hera Syndulla minifigure

In this section, we’ll take a look at two noteworthy LEGO sets that feature the Hera Syndulla minifigure: LEGO The Ghost – 75053 and LEGO The Ghost – 75127.

LEGO The Ghost – 75053

LEGO Hera Syndulla

The LEGO The Ghost – 75053 set is an impressive Star Wars Rebels-themed LEGO set that was released in 2014. As one of the key characters, the Hera Syndulla minifigure is included alongside other fan-favorite Star Wars minifigures like Garazeb ‘Zeb’ Orrelios, Kanan Jarrus, and a Stormtrooper.

When you take a close look at the details of the set, you’ll notice that the Ghost spacecraft has remarkable features that create an immersive experience for LEGO enthusiasts. Some highlights include:

  • A detachable cockpit
  • Storage compartments
  • Dual spring-loaded shooters
  • An escape pod

With these features, you can embark on thrilling adventures alongside Hera Syndulla and the rest of the Star Wars Rebels crew.

LEGO The Ghost – 75127


Another exciting set that includes the Hera Syndulla minifigure is the LEGO The Ghost – 75127 set. This Microfighters version of The Ghost is part of the Star Wars Rebels subtheme and was released in 2016

Designed with playability in mind, the LEGO 75127 set features a compact build, a stud shooter, and two missiles. While the mini version of The Ghost does not include other characters from the Star Wars Rebels crew, it still provides endless fun as you take Hera Syndulla on exciting missions along with your other LEGO Star Wars minifigures.

Collector’s Value and Market Trends

As a LEGO enthusiast and Star Wars fan, you may be interested in the LEGO Hera Syndulla minifigure (SW0576). This unique piece features the character Hera Syndulla from the Star Wars Rebels animated TV series and has become increasingly popular among collectors.

The LEGO Minifigure sw0576 Hera Syndulla includes detailed prints and elements, such as her Twi’lek headgear with goggles and a dual-sided Alien Female head. Your collection will surely benefit from this intricate and authentic representation of the character.

LEGO Hera Syndulla initially came in the LEGO 75053 Star Wars Rebels The Ghost set, which featured 929 pieces and four minifigures. The set was released in 2014 and retired in November 2015 with a lifespan of 15 months. Since then, the value of this minifigure has seen significant growth.

According to Bricklink, the current value of a new and sealed The Ghost set is estimated around $616 today with an average yearly gain of about 73%. This appreciation showcases the growing interest in the Star Wars Rebels theme and the LEGO Hera Syndulla minifigure. The minifigure itself costs about $9 used and about $28 when it’s new.


Which LEGO sets include a Hera Syndulla minifigure?

The Hera Syndulla minifigure is included in the LEGO Star Wars The Ghost 75053 set and the LEGO Star Wars The Ghost 75127 set.

How much is the LEGO Hera Syndulla minifigure?

Used LEGO Hera Syndulla costs approximately $8.90 and new costs $28.00.

How many LEGO Hera Syndulla minifigures are there?

At the time of this article, there is only one LEGO Hera Syndulla minifigure, which was released in two sets.

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Now that you have an understanding of the collector’s value and market trends associated with the LEGO Hera Syndulla minifigure (SW0576), you can make an informed decision on whether to add this unique and highly sought-after piece to your LEGO Star Wars collection.

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