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Welcome to our Levests LEGO blog! We are passionate about all things LEGO, from the iconic bricks to the latest sets and themes or investing in LEGO.

Our blog is run by a team of two dedicated LEGO enthusiasts, Fabian and Markus, who have been building and playing with LEGO for as long as we can remember. We believe that LEGO play is not just for kids, but for anyone who wants to unleash their imagination and express their creativity. In addition to the fun of building LEGO sets, LEGO also represents a unique and profitable form of investment, which we would like to talk about in depth in this blog. Let us start with our team introduction:

Our Team

At Levests, Fabian will mainly be responsible for the blog on the website, while Markus will be your contact person for social media. Let us take a look at our two team members Fabian and Markus:


Markus investment career started in the area of luxury watches. Through his love for particularly noble types of investments and investments that you can actually touch, he landed in the area of luxury watches in 2019. Through his friendship with Fabian, he became aware of another alternative investment area that caught his attention in 2021: LEGO. Through their shared love of alternative investments, especially LEGO, Fabian and Markus now want to share their love and knowledge of alternative investments with you. Markus, who is mainly responsible for Levest’s social media channels, is an avid fan of the LEGO Technic and LEGO Architecture themes. In addition to his alternative investments, Markus works as a film production manager in the renewable energy sector.

  • Name: Markus
  • LEGO Investor since: 2021
  • Favorite LEGO theme: Technic, Architecture
  • Other Investments: Luxury Watches


Fabian started investing in the stock market in 2016. In 2017, in his search for other profitable forms of investment, he stumbled upon alternative investments in LEGO. After spending a year learning about investing in LEGO, he started investing in the colorful LEGO bricks in 2018. After having worked as an editor or guest author for numerous German LEGO blogs, it is now time to put his knowledge and love for LEGO into action in an own project together with Markus. One of his favorite LEGO themes are BrickHeadz, Ideas and creator expert. In addition, other childhood memories have found a place in his investment portfolio, namely trading and sports cards. In addition to LEGO, trading- and sports cards, Fabian has been successfully investing in sneakers for 3 years now. Besides his love for alternative investments, Fabian works as a marketing manager in the renewable energy sector.

  • Name: Fabian
  • LEGO Investor since: 2018
  • Favorite LEGO theme: BrickHeadz, Ideas and Creator Expert
  • Other Investments: Trading- and sport cards, Sneaker

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