How to Get a Purple Sword in Lego Fortnite 2024: Step-By-Step Guide!

Embark on a quest for one of the most coveted weapons with our guide on “How to Get a Purple Sword in Lego Fortnite”. This article will slice through the confusion and map out the path to acquiring this epic gear, ensuring you’re well-armed to face any challenge in Lego Fortnite.

How to Get a Purple Sword in Lego Fortnite?

A figure carefully assembles the pieces of a purple sword, surrounded by crafting materials and a blueprint

Embarking on the quest to craft the legendary Purple Epic Sword in LEGO Fortnite is an exhilarating experience. Ensure you’re ready to collect the diverse materials needed and to interact with the Epic Crafting Bench to forge this formidable weapon.

Gathering Materials

To start, you’ll need to embark on an adventure through various biomes to collect the essential components. Here’s what you must find:

  • Copper Bars: Venture into the Dry Valley and use your Uncommon Pickaxe to mine for these.
  • Iron Bars and Granite: Visit the robust Village where these resources are plentiful.
  • Obsidian Slabs: For the toughest ingredient, make your way to the Desert Biome where these elusive blocks await.
  • Brute Scale, Wooden Rod, Knotroot Rod, Sand Claw, and Frostpine Rod: Gather these from defeating enemies and exploring the Frostlands and surroundings.

Remember, each material collected is a step closer to your coveted sword.

Using the Crafting Bench

Once you’ve collected your bounty of resources, seek out the Epic Crafting Bench. Here’s the process:

  1. Upgrade your Crafting Table to an Epic Crafting Bench using resources like wood, planks, and brightcores.

    Material Needed Quantity
    Wood 20
    Planks 15
    Brightcores 10
  2. With the bench upgraded, select the Purple Epic Sword Recipe from the available list of swords to view the crafting requirements.
  3. Place your gathered materials into the crafting interface—Copper Bars, Iron Bars, Granite, and Obsidian Slabs—to initiate the crafting process. Progress is marked by an exciting animation as your sword begins to take shape!
  4. After a moment, your Epic Longsword will be ready to wield, making you an indomitable force in LEGO Fortnite battles.

Upgrading and Enhancement

A character holding a purple sword while surrounded by lego bricks and in a Fortnite-themed environment

Embarking on the thrilling journey to enhance your weapons in LEGO Fortnite, you’ll find that obtaining the coveted Epic Longsword not only significantly increases your damage output but also bolsters the durability of your arms. Mastering upgrades and enhancements is vital for your survival and defense as you navigate through the game.

Finding Upgrade Stations

To begin your quest for upgrades, track down an Upgrade Station. These are crucial as they transform your tools from common to Epic quality. You’ll find stations scattered across various biomes, but keep an eye out in the Grasslands biome, where they’re frequently spotted. Smelt raw materials like Iron Bars and Obsidian Slabs at a Metal Smelter or process timber at a Lumber Mill to gather what you’ll need for the upgrade process.

  • Smelting Guide
    • Iron Ore → Iron Bar (Metal Smelter)
    • Obsidian Ore → Obsidian Slab (Metal Smelter)

Battle Readiness

Once your Longsword has been upgraded to an Epic Longsword, you’re set for combat with a significant damage advantage. Remember, an Epic Pickaxe will aid in harvesting materials like Obsidian Slabs more efficiently, ensuring you’re always ready to craft or repair as needed.

  • Combat Checklist
    • Longsword upgraded to Epic status
    • Sufficient damage and durability for battle
    • Weapons in top condition for defense and survival
    • Campfire nearby to regenerate health post-battle

Gather your materials, upgrade your arsenal, and stand ready to defend your fort in LEGO Fortnite—your adventure awaits!

Acquiring Rare Components

A figure collects rare purple bricks to build a sword in a vibrant Lego Fortnite world

In your quest for the Purple Epic Sword, some of the rarest materials scattered through various unique biomes will be pivotal for your success. You’ll travel through vibrant environments, interact with helpful villagers, and gather essential resources along the way.

Exploring the Biomes

Dry Valley & Desert Biome
Prepare yourself for an exciting excursion into the Dry Valley, a vast expanse in the Lego Fortnite world. Here, in this sun-scorched desert biome, you will discover the essential Sand Claws and Sand Shells that are cornerstones for crafting your legendary blade. Be sure to have your trusty Forest Axe on hand to help you navigate through the arid terrain.

Village Interactions
Don’t miss out on the local village within the dry valley, where interaction with native villagers could yield valuable materials or even a trade for that elusive marble slab you’ve been searching for. Remember, villagers are an excellent source of knowledge for finding hidden Dry Valley caves teeming with resources.

Forests & Grasslands Biome
You’ll also trek through the lush forest and grasslands biome, wielding your Forest Axe to cut amber and gather planks. These items are not only necessary for the Purple Epic Sword, but also useful for an array of crafting opportunities.

Frostlands & Snowy Biome
Brace yourself for the chills of the Frostlands and snowy biome, where you must mine with precision to unearth wooden rods and additional marble slabs hidden in the ice. Don’t forget, each swing of your Flexwood Rod brings you closer to that sweet moment of crafting the Purple Epic Sword.

Every environment from the sizzling Desert to the frigid Snowy Biomes offers unique materials. Keep your eyes peeled for the shell or a lone marble slab, as these can be the defining pieces in your epic journey. Stay excited, stay prepared, and let the diverse biomes of Lego Fortnite fuel your adventure towards that epic Purple Sword.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eager to wield the Epic Purple Sword in LEGO Fortnite? Here’s a compilation of common inquiries to help you claim this coveted weapon.

What’s the secret to unlocking the epic purple sword in LEGO Fortnite?

Obtain the Epic Purple Sword, or Epic Longsword, by gathering specific resources and combining them at an upgraded crafting bench. It’s a straightforward process, but requires gathering rare materials.

Can you share tips for earning the purple blade everyone’s talking about in LEGO Fortnite?

Sure! To earn this blade, engage in battles and complete in-game challenges that reward you with necessary crafting items. The better you perform, the closer you get to that purple blade.

What steps should I follow to upgrade my weaponry to the sought-after purple sword in LEGO Fortnite?

Begin by improving your crafting station to the point where it can produce Epic-tier items—this is crucial. Then, collect the right materials through gameplay to upgrade your existing gear.

Is there a special challenge to obtain the legendary purple sword in LEGO Fortnite?

Yes, occasionally there are limited-time challenges that offer an opportunity to acquire unique items necessary for crafting the sword. Keep an eye on event announcements.

Where can I find the materials needed to create the famous purple sword in LEGO Fortnite?

Materials are scattered throughout the game world, and some are dropped by defeated foes. Exploration and combat are key to discovering these components.

How can I level up my gear to get that awesome purple sword in LEGO Fortnite?

Your gear can be leveled up by engaging in combat, completing quests, and using any available experience boosters that expedite the process, ultimately leading to that awesome purple sword.

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