How to Make Chests in Lego Fortnite 2024: Step-By-Step Guide

Unlock the secrets of storage with our handy guide on “How to Make Chests in Lego Fortnite”.

This article will provide you with the blueprint to create your own treasure troves, ensuring your valuables are safely stashed as you build and battle your way through the game.

How to Make Chests in Lego Fortnite: The Basics

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In Lego Fortnite, mastering the crafting system is pivotal to your success, including how you gather materials and the variety of storage options available to keep your resources safe.

Understanding the Crafting System

You’ll feel like the architect of your dreams in Lego Fortnite’s crafting system! Your adventure is not complete without figuring out how to convert raw materials into useful items. The crafting station is your best friend here, allowing you to craft everything from simple tools to extensive storage chests to protect your loot. Just like in Minecraft, but with the magic of LEGO, your creativity is your only limit!

Gathering Essential Resources

Ready to gather resources? You’ll need plenty of materials like planks and wood. Find these essentials scattered throughout the vibrant Lego landscape or produce them at your very own lumber mill. Your village is counting on you to fetch high-quality materials which will fuel your crafting expeditions on both PC and iOS platforms. Epic Games has made sure that every resource you collect brings you closer to constructing your ultimate Fortnite sanctuary.

  • Where to Find Wood: Explore the world, chop down trees, or visit a lumber mill.
  • Planks and More: Refine wood at the crafting station to turn it into planks.

Storage Chest Varieties

Storage is not just a necessity; it’s an art in Lego Fortnite. You can craft a variety of chests, from the small ones perfect for tucking away a few prized possessions, to the larger chests where you can stash an arsenal. Each chest has its special features, so whether you’re looking to make a small storage chest or curious about how to expand with a medium chest, the choice is yours. As you level up your village, even more options become available, so start crafting and make your storage solutions as unique as your buildings.

  • Small Chest: Ideal for starters, requires six planks to craft.
  • Medium and Large Chests: Offers more slots as you upgrade your village.

Create Your Chest

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Thrilled to embark on your storage journey in LEGO Fortnite? You’re about to enhance your gameplay experience by crafting chests that are essential for holding all your treasures and supplies. Keep your gear neatly organized and within easy reach as you build and upgrade through a variety of chest options.

Crafting Your First Chest

To craft your initial Small Chest, gather up six Planks. If you’re starting from scratch, produce these Planks at a Lumber Mill by converting Wood on a one-to-one basis. Open the build menu, navigate to the Furniture tab, and select Storage to craft your chest. Hit the interact button and voilà, your first chest is ready to use! Remember, once placed, it cannot be moved, so choose your spot wisely. Learn more about the crafting process.

Upgrading to Larger Chests

As your inventory expands, so does the need for more storage. You can upgrade to Medium or Large Chests by gathering additional materials like Granite or Marble. Each upgrade offers more storage slots, letting you hoard an array of items. Upgrading is straightforward – continue leveling up your village, which allows access to enhanced chest options. To upgrade, simply interact with your existing small chest, and follow the on-screen prompts using the resources you’ve collected. Detailed guides on upgrading can be found here.

Accessorizing Your Storage Area

Your storage shouldn’t be just about functionality; give it a personal touch! Think beyond basics – add accessories like a Campfire next to your chests for a cozy effect or Knotroot plants for a dash of greenery. The Storage area serves not just as a place to keep items but also as a reflection of your personal style in the game. You can customize your storage by choosing from different styles in the Furniture tab during the crafting process. For inspiration on accessorizing, check out decorative ideas here.

Advanced Chest Building Techniques

A builder constructs a detailed Lego Fortnite chest, using advanced techniques and precision

Elevate your gaming experience in LEGO Fortnite by mastering advanced chest construction. From transforming rare materials into the grandest of storage solutions to optimizing the strategic placement of your chests for ultimate efficiency, this section unlocks the next level of chest building.

Using Rare Materials

Upgrade beyond the simple chest by leveraging rare materials to construct more resilient and spacious storage options. Craft a grand chest or even an ancient chest by gathering obsidian slabs and marble slabs. These chests not only store more items but also add an exquisite aesthetic to your buildings. To create a palatial chest, you’ll need to venture into caves and mine for marble or obsidian—a sturdy and stylish addition to any village you manage.

  • Marble Chest Blueprint:

    • 8x Marble Slabs
    • 4x Copper Bars
  • Obsidian Chest Blueprint:

    • 10x Obsidian Slabs
    • 2x Frostpine

By using rare materials like marble and obsidian, you can dramatically enhance the look and capacity of your storage chests.

Strategic Placement and Management

Your inventory management is as crucial as your building prowess. Intelligent placement of chests within your structures like a shack or simple shack can dictate your gameplay success. Place a medium storage chest near crafting areas for quick access to materials. Large storage chests should be central in your village, ideally in secure locations like your main trunk or communal buildings. Keep your valuable loot in chests tucked away in hidden corners or buried beneath your rocks to deter other players from discovering them.

  • Placement Tips:
    • Crafting Areas: Medium chests for immediate resource access.
    • Village Central: Large chests for communal storage.
    • Hidden Locations: Grand chests for your most valuable items.

Strategic placement ensures that your resources are always where you need them, without having to trek across your entire village.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to enhance your Lego Fortnite world with your custom treasure storage? Let’s tackle some of the most exciting queries to get you on your way to becoming a chest crafting expert!

What’s the best way to build a chest in Lego Fortnite for the ultimate treasure hunt experience?

To build a chest in Lego Fortnite, start by collecting necessary materials like wood, which can be transformed into planks at a Lumber Mill. These planks are critical in crafting the chest, ensuring it’s ready for your trove of items.

Can you share tips for crafting unique chests in Lego Fortnite Creative mode? I can’t wait to try them!

For those in Creative mode, your imagination is your limit. Place the chests in inventive locations or customize their appearance to suit any theme. Remember, different materials and decorations unlock as your village levels up, so keep crafting for more options.

How do I create super cool chests on the Xbox version of Lego Fortnite? I’m so pumped to add my own flair!

Building chests on Xbox is just as thrilling! Navigate through Build mode to locate and utilize the Furniture tab. Explore the Storage option to select and place different chests, perfecting your base with personal touches.

What are the step-by-step instructions for making the most epic chests in Lego Fortnite on PS4?

On the PS4, enter Build mode and pinpoint the Storage selection under the Furniture section. From there, assemble your chests with gathered resources, enhancing them with unique embellishments to make them stand out. Keep playing to unlock additional styles.

Are there any special bricks needed to construct chests in Lego Fortnite Chapter 3? I’m all set to start building!

In Chapter 3, you’ll need basic resources like wood and stone, but keep an eye out for special bricks that might be introduced as you progress. These could help you craft chests with improved storage capacity or different looks.

What’s the secret to unlocking new chest build recipes in Lego Fortnite? I’m ready to expand my collection!

To unlock new chest recipes, continue completing quests and leveling up your village. As your progress through the game, new and exciting chest blueprints will become available, allowing you to create diverse storage options for your loot.

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