Lego 212th Clone Trooper Minifigures: Ultimate Collector’s Guide 2024

If you are not familiar with the LEGO 212th clone trooper Minifigures, you are in for a pleasant surprise. These highly detailed and one-of-a-kind collectibles have gained popularity among fans of both LEGO and Star Wars. Not only do they pay tribute to these beloved franchises, but they also add a great deal of excitement and enjoyment to the building experience.

These Minifigures are inspired by the 212th Attack Battalion, a famous unit within the Star Wars universe that served the Galactic Republic. When you integrate them into your LEGO collection, you’re not only adding a visually appealing component but also a piece of cinematic history. It’s no wonder these figures have become so sought after!

So, as you delve into the fascinating world of LEGO 212th clone trooper Minifigures, get ready to discover their intricate design, rich backstory, and multitude of ways to use and display them. Your collection is about to elevate to a whole new level!

Lego 212th Clone Trooper Overview

Let’s dive into their history and characteristics to help you better understand what makes them so special.

History and Background

The first appearance of a 212th Clone Trooper minifigure happened in 2013 with the release of the 75013 Umbaran MHC (Mobile Heavy Cannon) set. These troopers are part of the 212th Attack Battalion, a vital unit in the Star Wars universe, particularly during the Clone Wars series.

Characteristics and Features

The LEGO 212th Clone Trooper Minifigures are known for their distinctive orange and white design, which sets them apart from other clone troopers. They come with a few notable features, such as:

  • Phase 2 Armor: The LEGO 212th Clone Trooper minifigures are equipped with updated, Phase 2 armor as seen in the latter part of the Clone Wars series. This advanced armor provides them with better protection and mobility during battle.
  • Dirt Stains and Scowl: Their design includes dirt stains and a scowl on their helmets, which indicates their extensive experience on the battlefield throughout the Clone Wars.
  • Orange Arms: The minifigures have distinctly colored orange arms that match the markings on their armor, making them easily recognizable as part of the elite 212th Battalion.
  • Accessories: Typically, these minifigures come with a blaster, allowing for accurate portrayals of their combat roles within the Star Wars universe.

Now that you’ve learned about the LEGO 212th clone trooper Minifigures’ history and key features, you can better appreciate their unique place in both the Star Wars franchise and your LEGO collection.

The different LEGO Star Wars 212th Clone Trooper Minifigures

In this section, we’ll be covering various unique LEGO minifigures in the Star Wars 212th Attack Battalion line. Let’s dive in and explore their incredible details!

Clone Trooper, 212th Attack Battalion (Phase 2) – sw0522

LEGO 212th Clone Trooper

The sw0522 minifigure features a Phase 2 LEGO 212th Clone Trooper donning orange arms and dirt stains, with a scowl expression. It’s a detailed representation of the troopers seen in the movies, perfect for enhancing your LEGO Star Wars collection. The sw0522 minifigure appeared exclusively in set 75036 Utapau Troopers.

Clone Trooper, 212th Attack Battalion (Phase 2) – sw0453

LEGO 212th Clone Trooper

The sw0453 minifigure is another variation of the Phase 2 LEGO 212th Clone Trooper. With slightly different markings on its armor, this LEGO piece adds variety to your army of 212th troopers, which exclusively appeared in the same set (75036) as the SW0522 minifigure.

Clone Trooper Commander Cody, 212th Attack Battalion (Phase 1) – sw0341

LEGO 212th Clone Trooper

The sw0341 minifigure captures the iconic Commander Cody during Phase 1 of the Clone Wars. With his standout orange and white armor, along with his unique visor, the sw0341 iteration of Cody brings this beloved character to life in LEGO form. This minifigure is exclusive to the Geonosian Starfighter set 7959.

Clone Trooper, 212th Attack Battalion (Phase 2) – sw1235

LEGO 212th Clone Trooper

This minifigure represents another take on the Phase 2 LEGO 212th Clone Trooper. The sw1235 figure possesses distinctive details on its armor and helmet, ensuring a unique addition to your LEGO Star Wars collection.

Clone Airborne Trooper, 212th Attack Battalion (Phase 2) – sw0523

LEGO 212th Clone Trooper

The sw0523 minifigure showcases the specialized airborne troops of the 212th Attack Battalion during Phase 2. Equipped with unique helmets, jetpacks, and armor, these Clone troopers are perfect for recreating high-flying battles. The sw0523 Clone Trooper minifigure is only available in the Utapau Troopers set with the number 75036.

Clone Trooper Commander Cody, 212th Attack Battalion (Phase 1) – sw0196

LEGO 212th Clone Trooper

An alternate version of Commander Cody during Phase 1, the sw0196 minifigure features slight variations in armor markings and detailing. This figure allows you to expand your collection of Commander Cody iterations. This also exclusive minifigure is only included in the Republic Attack Gunship Set (7676).

Clone Airborne Trooper, 212th Attack Battalion (Phase 2) – sw1100

LEGO 212th Clone Trooper

The sw1100 minifigure is a second version of the Clone Airborne Trooper during Phase 2. Displaying a different helmet design and armor markings, these minifigures stand out as elite soldiers in your LEGO Star Wars 212th Attack Battalion. If you are looking for this minifigure, the only place to find it is in the LEGO General Grievous’s Starfighter set, where it was released exclusively.

Clone Trooper Commander Cody, 212th Attack Battalion (Phase 2) – sw1233

LEGO 212th Clone Trooper

Last but not least, the sw1233 minifigure represents Commander Cody during Phase 2 of the Star Wars saga. This LEGO piece showcases the renowned character’s distinct helmet, armor, and color scheme, which was only found in the General Grievous’s Starfighter (75286) set. An essential addition to your Commander Cody minifigure collection!

Now that we’ve discovered the wide variety of LEGO Star Wars 212th Clone Trooper Minifigures, why not pick your favorites and enhance your LEGO army? No doubt, these detailed and collectible minifigures will bring your Star Wars scenes to life!

Tips for Collectors and Fans

In this section we’ll be sharing some useful tips on how to build custom scenes for your LEGO 212th Clone Troopers, as well as advice on displaying your precious minifigures. Let’s dive in!

Building Custom 212th Clone Trooper Scenes

To create engaging and unique scenes with your LEGO 212th clone trooper minifigures, you can start by thinking about notable battles and moments from the Star Wars universe. You don’t have to strictly follow the canon, though – let your imagination run wild and come up with your own stories and scenarios!

  • Choose a backdrop: Consider using official LEGO Star Wars sets as a starting point, or build your own custom landscape with LEGO bricks.
  • Mix and match other characters: Introducing other LEGO Star Wars characters into your scenes can make for some fascinating crossovers and interactions.
  • Add vehicles and structures: Enhance your scenes by including builds like the Republic Gunship or a Command Center to give your 212th Clone Troopers additional support.

Displaying your Minifigures

Properly displaying your LEGO 212th clone trooper minifigures helps protect them from dust and damage while showcasing your collection to others. Here are a few ways to display your figures:

  1. Acrylic display cases: These transparent cases keep your minifigures safe from dust while showing off their details. Plus, stackable cases save space and create a visually appealing display.
  2. Wall-mounted shadow boxes: If floor space is limited, shadow boxes offer a fantastic solution for displaying minifigures without taking up any horizontal surface area.
  3. Custom LEGO-built stands: If you like to keep things strictly LEGO, get creative and build your own display stands for your minifigures. This allows you to showcase your building skills and imagination alongside your collection.

Remember to keep your prized LEGO 212th clone trooper Minifigures away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and damage over time, and check on them periodically for any signs of wear or deterioration.

Happy collecting and may the Force be with you!


What is a 212th Clone Trooper?

The 212th Clone Trooper is a LEGO minifigure representing the clone troopers serving in the 212th Attack Battalion, a military unit in the Star Wars universe. These troopers are instantly recognizable by their unique yellow markings on their Phase II armor.

In which LEGO sets the 212th Clone Trooper can be found?

The LEGO 212th Clone Trooper has appeared in 6 sets from 2013 to 2022. If you’re interested in purchasing individual minifigures, you can find them on online marketplaces like BrickLink.

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What is your favorite LEGO 212th Clone Trooper minifigure? Let us know in the comments!

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