Lego Mummy Minifigure: A Guide To Discovering Its Mysteries 2024

Attention all Lego lovers, we have some amazing updates for you! The latest addition to the Lego line is the mummy minifigure, a must-have for any devoted Lego fan. This one-of-a-kind character, modeled after the enigma and fascination of ancient Egypt, brings a sense of historical exploration to your Lego universe.

LEGO Mummy Minifigure (hrf007)

We are excited to talk about the captivating LEGO Mummy Minifigure (hrf007) that has caught the attention of LEGO enthusiasts. This fascinating collectible is a part of the LEGO Studios theme, and it brings a touch of mystery to any LEGO collection.

LEGO Curse of the Pharaoh (13831)

The LEGO Mummy Minifigure (hrf007) appears in the unique Curse of the Pharaoh (1383-1) set. This creative playset embodies the essence of ancient Egypt, giving builders a chance to explore the world of pharaohs and their mythical curses.

The set’s design brilliantly incorporates elements of the mummy’s tomb and various artifacts, such as a sarcophagus and a treasure chest, which adds to the excitement of the play experience. Collectors and kids alike can have endless fun reenacting scenes or inventing imaginative new adventures.

As for the LEGO Mummy Minifigure (hrf007) itself, its unique design features a highly detailed head with dual-sided expressions, allowing builders to customize its look. This versatile minifigure helps to set the eerie atmosphere that characterizes the mysterious world of the Curse of the Pharaoh set.

In terms of its current market value, the LEGO Mummy Minifigure (hrf007) is estimated to be worth around $13.45 in new condition. It’s definitely a sought-after collectible that many LEGO enthusiasts would love to add to their collection.

LEGO Mummy Minifigure (iaj051)

As LEGO enthusiasts, we are thrilled to talk about the lego mummy minifigure and its interesting features. This creative and mysterious miniature figure is a favorite among collectors and fans of Egyptian-themed LEGO sets.

LEGO Escape from the Lost Tomb (77013)

mummy lego minifigure

The lego mummy minifigure can be found in the LEGO Escape from the Lost Tomb (77013) set. This adventurous set takes players on a journey to explore ancient tombs and face off against the cursed mummy guards. The mummy minifigure is often seen as one of the main attractions of the set, as it adds an authentic touch to the Egyptian theme.

The lego mummy minifigure is intricately designed with detailed wrappings, bringing the mysterious figure to life. Its sinister expression and glowing eyes make it a must-have for those looking to spice up their playsets or display shelves.

For fans of LEGO and the mystical world of Ancient Egypt, adding the lego mummy minifigure to your collection is an exciting way to expand your Egyptian-themed sets. So, grab your torchlight and gear up for an adventure as you delve into the lost tombs and discover the secrets hidden within.

LEGO Flying Mummy Minifigure (pha005)

We absolutely love the LEGO mummy minifigure, and we bet you do too! Let’s take a closer look at the pha005 LEGO Flying Mummy Minifigure and the sets it appears in.

LEGO Flying Mummy Attack (73071)

The LEGO Flying Mummy Attack (7307) set features our beloved mummy in action. Coming bold and brave, the minifigure captures the essence of the ancient Egyptian warrior, soaring through the skies. Along with other elements in the set, it makes for a perfect addition to any LEGO collection.

LEGO Scorpion Pyramid (73271)

lego mummy minifigure

In the epic LEGO Scorpion Pyramid (7327), the ferocious flying mummy minifigure makes another appearance. Within this massive, scorpion-themed pyramid lies an ancient treasure protected by the flying mummy and other legendary creatures. The set contains thrilling traps, hidden treasures, and exciting adventures waiting to be explored.

LEGO Skeleton Mummy Battle Pack Blister Pack (853176)

The final set we are spotlighting is the LEGO Skeleton Mummy Battle Pack Blister Pack (853176). The flying mummy stands alongside its skeletal companions, ready for battle against their foes. This collectible battle pack is perfect for enriching your LEGO adventure, with enough creepy-cool figures to raise the stakes.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the pha005 LEGO Flying Mummy Minifigure and the LEGO sets it features in! Be sure to add these incredible sets to your collection for some exciting and spooky fun.

Our Opinion on the LEGO Mummy Minifigure

We recently had the opportunity to get our hands on the unique LEGO Mummy Minifigure. This little gem has caught our attention, and we can’t help but share our thoughts about it with you.

First off, the design of the minifigure is impressively detailed. The intricate patterns and hieroglyphics on the Mummy’s wrappings are worthy of appreciation. The combination of its haunting expression and the classic LEGO charm makes it a fantastic addition to any collection, especially for fans of ancient Egypt or spooky themes in general.

While playing with the minifigure, we noticed that it’s not only visually captivating but also a versatile piece for building custom LEGO scenarios. Perhaps it’s the start of a spooky Halloween-themed adventure or the center of an ancient tomb guarded by a restless spirit. The possibilities are endless, making it a valuable addition to both young builders and adult collectors.

During our time with the LEGO Mummy Minifigure, we did stumble upon an unexpected bonus. This particular minifigure has popped up in more than one LEGO series. In fact, through our research, we found variations of the Mummy in the Series 3, Pharaoh’s Quest, and even a custom version from based on The Mummy franchise. This variety creates more opportunities for collectors to seek out and add different Mummy versions to their collection.


How many LEGO mummy minifigures are there?

LEGO has released a few different mummy minifigures over the years. There is the Mummy from Minifigures Series 3, which had a gold scorpion accessory. Other mummy minifigures have appeared in the Adventurers Desert theme, such as the Mummy and Cart set from 1999.

Besides the minifigures from official sets, there are also countless custom LEGO mummy minifigures created by fans and collectors around the world. So, the number of LEGO mummy minifigures keeps growing with time!

How much are the LEGO mummy minifigures?

The cost of a specific LEGO mummy minifigure can vary greatly depending on its rarity, condition, and any included accessories. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few dollars for a common mummy minifigure to significantly more for rare or exclusive versions.
Some places to purchase LEGO mummy minifigures are through BrickLink, where you can find both new and used copies, and Rebrickable, which offers building instructions and parts inventory. Be sure to shop around and compare prices to find the best deal for your desired mummy minifigure.

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What’s your option on the LEGO mummy Minifigures? Let us know in the comments!

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