LEGO Pirate Ship MOCs And Sets: Discover Amazing Creations And Collections in 2024

Ahoy, LEGO fans! It’s time to set sail for the exciting world of LEGO pirate ship MOCs and LEGO pirate ship sets. Envision yourself as the captain of your very own LEGO vessel, navigating through perilous waters, participating in epic sea battles, and uncovering mysterious islands. With the power of LEGO, you can bring these immersive adventures to life in the comfort of your own home.

Passionate builders often find themselves drawn to the world of LEGO pirate ship MOCs, where they can design their own custom ships and share their creations with a supportive community. This fascinating realm offers a perfect blend of creative expression and the joy of turning a pile of bricks into a functional and aesthetically captivating vessel. Whether you are new to the world of LEGO or a seasoned builder seeking inspiration for your next project, there’s no doubt that these LEGO pirate ship MOCs and LEGO pirate ship Sets will surely captivate your imagination. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the thrilling seafaring world and transform your love for LEGO into epic pirate adventures.

Overview of LEGO Pirate Ship MOCs and Sets

In this section, we will delve into the history and evolution of these impressive creations, while also introducing you to some remarkable MOCs designed by talented LEGO enthusiasts.

History and Evolution

LEGO pirate ship MOCs and sets have come a long way since their inception. The first LEGO pirate sets were introduced in the late 1980s, featuring simple designs and basic play features. Over the years, the sets have evolved, with more detailed designs, advanced building techniques, and better playability.

MOCs, or My Own Creations, are custom LEGO designs created by fans and enthusiasts. In the realm of pirate ships, LEGO lovers have made use of their creative and inventive skills to build stunning and unique models, inspired by both real-life ships and those from popular culture. Some examples of remarkable pirate ship MOCs include 40605 Pirate Ship by mattking4 and Pirate Ship by Marius2002.

In addition to official LEGO pirate sets, various MOCs have appeared on platforms such as Classic Pirates, where you can find plenty of pirate-themed creations, including islands, shipwrecks, and trading posts.

The growing popularity of LEGO pirate ship MOCs and LEGO pirate ship sets is evident in the increasing number of stunning creations available online. They not only inspire creativity but also provide a great way for LEGO enthusiasts to share their passion for these age-old, adventurous seafaring themes. Before we take a look at some of the most popular LEGO pirate ship mocs, let’s take a quick look at the LEGO pirate ship sets available in the LEGO Store.

Available LEGO Pirate Ship Sets

The world of LEGO never ceases to amaze with its creativity and depth. Let’s take a look at some of the most captivating LEGO Pirate Ship sets that are available in the LEGO store.

LEGO Pirate Ship 31109

LEGO Pirate Ship Moc

The LEGO Pirate Ship 31109 is a beautiful, classic LEGO set designed for ages 9 and up. This 3-in-1 model offers a challenging and rewarding building experience, allowing you to create a pirate ship, a pirate inn, or a skull island. Furthermore, this set includes 3 minifigures to act out imaginative pirate adventures.

Nightmare Shark Ship 71469

LEGO Pirate Ship Moc

If you are looking for something a bit darker and more unique, the Nightmare Shark Ship 71469 is an exceptional LEGO ship MOC created by exceptionally talented fans. It is inspired by tales of ferocious, haunted pirate ships, adding a touch of horror and mystery to any LEGO collection. This very special pirate ship will be released on August 01, 2023, so you currently have to be a little patient if you want the set.

Viking Ship and Midgard Serpent 31132

LEGO Pirate Ship Moc

For those who prefer their ships with a touch of Nordic mythology, the Viking Ship and Midgard Serpent 31132 set offers a fantastic blend of history and legend. This 3-in-1 set enables you to build either a viking ship, Midgard Serpent. Complete with a detailed figurehead, oars, and a sail, this artistic set truly captures the spirit of Norse exploration.

No matter your preference, there’s a LEGO pirate ship just waiting for you to embark on an imaginative journey.

Popular LEGO Pirate Ship MOCs

Discover some of the most popular LEGO Pirate Ship MOCs (My Own Creations) that have captured the imagination of builders worldwide.

Pirates Battleship by hahaman_in_the_dark

LEGO Pirate Ship Moc

The Pirates Battleship by hahaman_in_the_dark is an impressive MOC that captures the essence of pirate ship design. With its detailed rigging, multiple sails, and intricate hull, you’ll feel the excitement of sailing the high seas and battling rival ships. The LEGO model also features various functional elements like working cannons and adjustable sails.

Fer Maiden Privateer Frigate by supersick_

LEGO Pirate Ship Moc

Another remarkable pirate ship creation is the Fer Maiden Privateer Frigate by supersick_. This ship boasts a sleek and elegant design with a brown and black hull. The ship’s intricate details, including the captain’s cabin, plank, and working rowboats, make it stand out among other pirate-themed LEGO builds. The internal structure is highly detailed, providing an immersive experience for you and your minifigures.

Treasure Island – Pirates of Barracuda Bay by Dream Build Bricks


For a more land-based pirate adventure, the Treasure Island – Pirates of Barracuda Bay by Dream Build Bricks is an excellent choice. This MOC combines the excitement of a hidden treasure island with an incredible pirate base as its centerpiece. You’ll marvel at the attention to detail put into the island’s landscaping, hidden caves, and authentic pirate-themed elements like cannons, treasure chests, and a buried ship hull.

Creating Your Own LEGO Pirate Ship MOC

In this section, we’ll guide you through design tips and building techniques to help you bring your LEGO MOC ships to life.

Design Tips

When designing your LEGO moc ship, consider these key elements to make it stand out:

  • Choose a theme: Decide if your pirate ship will be a classic design or inspired by something like Pirates of the Caribbean. This will help you narrow down your color scheme and decorative details.
  • Size and scale: Determine the size of your ship and whether you want it to be minifigure-scale or larger. This will influence the number of bricks you need and the complexity of the build.
  • Color palette: Pirate ships usually feature neutral colors like brown, black, and grey, but you can add pops of color (flags, sails, etc.) to make your ship unique.

Building Techniques

Now that you’ve got your design sorted, let’s explore some building techniques to construct your LEGO pirate ship MOC:

  • SNOT (Studs Not On Top) technique: This approach creates smooth surfaces on your ship by positioning bricks with their studs facing sideways or downward. Mastering SNOT can make your ship look more polished.
  • Hull construction: Building a sturdy hull is crucial for your pirate ship, and there are different methods to achieve this. You can use LEGO pirate ship sets as a starting point or explore custom techniques like hinge connections and plate stacking.
  • Sail design: For the sails, consider using LEGO cloth pieces or customize your own by cutting and painting fabric to match your ship’s theme. Don’t forget to add rigging and pulleys for a realistic look.
  • Detail and decoration: Add intricate details like cannons, treasure chests, and boarding planks. This can make your ship feel more immersive, just like the pirate ships in movies.

If you’re still looking for inspiration, there are several LEGO pirate ship MOCs available online for you to check out. For example, you can find building instructions for a 40605 Pirate Ship. Remember, the key to a successful MOC is creativity and having fun while building your dream pirate ship!


What are some recent LEGO pirate sets?

Some of the more recent LEGO pirate sets include the Creator Pirate Ship (31109) and the Nightmare Shark Ship 71469. These sets draw inspiration from previous minifigure-scale pirate themes and continue to capture the imagination of LEGO fans.

Where can I find pirate ship MOCs?

There are many places online where you can find pirate ship MOCs, such as Rebrickable. You can browse through MOCs created by LEGO enthusiasts or even submit your own.

Do you have any advice on building a pirate ship MOC?

When building a pirate ship MOC, it’s important to focus on the curved and pointed nature of boats. You might need to use a lot of slanted and curved bricks to achieve the desired shape. Check out discussions by fellow LEGO builders on places like Reddit for tips on how to overcome challenges.

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As you delve into the rich world of LEGO pirates, remember to have fun, be creative, and enjoy the journey! What’s your most favourite LEGO pirate ship MOC or LEGO pirate ship set? Let us know in the comments!

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