Why LEGO Doesn’t Produce LEGO Army Minifigures in 2024

If you’re a LEGO enthusiast, you’ve probably noticed the absence of LEGO army minifigures in their sets. As someone who appreciates these iconic blocks, you may wonder why they have chosen not to include them. Let’s delve into the company’s core beliefs and ideals to gain insight into their perspective on producing military-oriented toys.

LEGO has always aimed to promote creativity, imagination, and learning through play for children all around the world. With that in mind, they have a longstanding policy against producing realistic military-related toys, including LEGO army minifigures. This policy is based on their belief that war and violence should not be trivialized or turned into child’s play.

Instead, LEGO focuses on producing sets that inspire children to build, learn, and dream beyond the limits of conventional thinking. By steering clear of military themes, the company can maintain its creative integrity and uphold its commitment to fostering a positive and educational experience for young builders.

Why LEGO Doesn’t Make Army Minifigures

If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t find any LEGO army minifigures while browsing through your favorite toy store, you’re not alone. Many fans of the iconic building blocks have pondered this question, but there are specific reasons behind this decision. In this section, we’ll explore LEGO’s company philosophy and target audience to help you understand their stance on this matter.

Company Philosophy

LEGO Army Minifigure

LEGO prides itself on promoting creative play, teamwork, and problem-solving skills through their products. The company believes that by providing a wide range of themes and playsets, they can spark the imagination of children and foster their development. That being said, LEGO has a strict policy against producing realistic military-related toys. This policy aligns with their commitment to promoting a positive play experience, focusing on fun and learning rather than emulating real-life wars and conflicts.

LEGO’s Product Philosophy

As part of the LEGO Ideas program, LEGO sets certain exclusion criteria for its sets:

  • Politics and political symbols, campaigns, or movements
  • Religious references including symbols, buildings, or people
  • Sex, nudity, drugs, or smoking
  • Alcohol in any present day situation
  • Swearing or profanity
  • Death, killing, blood, terrorism, horror, or torture
  • First-person shooter video games
  • Warfare or war vehicles in any modern or present-day situation, or national war memorials
  • Large or human-scale weapons or weapon replicas of any kind, including swords, knives, guns, sci-fi or fantasy blasters, etc.
  • Racism, bullying, or cruelty to real life animals

Target Audience

The primary target audience for LEGO sets are children. LEGO aims to create a safe and nurturing environment for them to explore their creativity. By refraining from producing LEGO soldier minifigures or other realistic military-themed toys, they maintain a wholesome and child-friendly atmosphere3. This approach ensures that parents and guardians can trust LEGO products to enhance their children’s playtime without exposing them to potentially mature themes or violent content.

Although LEGO won’t produce official military sets or LEGO army minifigures, there are third-party manufacturers who cater to this niche market. These companies create custom LEGO military minifigures outside of the LEGO brand, giving collectors and enthusiasts the opportunity to incorporate these elements into their collections.

Alternative Options

Are you interested in LEGO army minifigures but disappointed they’re not available from the official brand? Don’t worry, you still have some great alternative options to choose from. In this section, we’ll dive into custom LEGO military minifigures and where you can find them.

Custom LEGO Military Minifigures

If you’re keen on adding military figures to your LEGO collection, there’s a thriving community of custom LEGO military minifigure creators to explore. Independent artists and companies have been creating unique, high-quality LEGO-compatible military figures that can satisfy your desire for LEGO modern military minifigs.

One popular option for custom LEGO military minifigures is BrickArms, a Redmond-based family business that specializes in producing toy weapons and accessories for LEGO minifigures. They offer a wide range of realistic and detailed weaponry that can enhance your LEGO military scenes.

Another valuable resource is the online LEGO community, where you can find many talented custom military minifigure builders. From forums to YouTube channels like DaSourOrange‘s video tutorial on improving your LEGO military minifigures, there’s no shortage of inspiration and ideas to help you create the perfect LEGO military collection.

Don’t be disheartened by the lack of official LEGO army minifigures – with these alternative options, you can build and customize your own military-themed LEGO world with ease. Happy building!

Creative Solutions and Building Your Own Army

So, you’re wondering why LEGO doesn’t produce LEGO army minifigures and want to build your own collection? You’re not alone. LEGO’s policy is to avoid creating realistic military-related toys, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and build your own LEGO army minifigures. In this section, we’ll explore some DIY tips and resources to help you create custom military minifigures.

DIY Tips

To build your own LEGO army minifigures, start by exploring what’s already available in LEGO’s existing selection. Combining parts from various sets and themes, such as LEGO City or Star Wars, can yield some unique and interesting military-inspired minifigures without violating LEGO’s policies.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with accessories and tools either. As LEGO doesn’t produce realistic weapons, you can find third-party manufacturers that offer compatible accessories. These add-ons can help you create authentic-looking LEGO army minifigures.

Paint and decals are another way to customize your minifigures. You can create your own designs or use pre-made decals to replicate uniforms and insignia. Investing in high-quality paint and learning some basic techniques will make a big difference in the final result.


There are several resources available online to help you create your own custom LEGO army minifigures. There are online communities and forums dedicated to sharing ideas, tips, and inspiration for creating custom LEGO army minifigures. These communities can be invaluable in finding new techniques and resources to advance your own creations.

Also, check out third-party retailers like United Bricks that offer specialized sets and parts designed specifically for military themes. These retailers fill the gap left by LEGO’s refusal to produce realistic military sets and can help you build an impressive LEGO army.

LEGO Army Minifigure

By following these DIY tips and making use of available resources, you’ll be on your way to assembling a unique and personalized LEGO army minifigures collection. Happy building!

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see LEGO army minifigures on store shelves or in official LEGO sets? It’s because LEGO has a long-standing policy of refusing to create sets that feature realistic military vehicles, weapons, or equipment. In this FAQ section, we’ll explore the reasons behind this policy and answer some common questions about LEGO army minifigures.


Why doesn’t LEGO create army minifigures?

LEGO’s policy stems from their commitment to promote creative imagination for children and their desire to maintain neutrality since their products are sold worldwide. By not producing military-themed sets, LEGO avoids debates around “good” and “bad” guys and stays true to their values that encourage building fun, imaginative worlds without promoting violence or war.

Are there any alternative options if I want to create LEGO army minifigures?

Yes! While LEGO doesn’t produce army minifigures, third-party companies like United Bricks offer a wide range of custom weapons and military accessories compatible with LEGO minifigures. You can use them to create your own custom army minifigures, mixing and matching parts to suit your preferences.

What about other themes, like pirates and knights, that also have weapons and battles?

LEGO does create sets featuring weapons and battles, such as knights with swords or pirates with muskets, but these are typically set in historical or fictional contexts that encourage imaginative play. LEGO avoids creating sets based on realistic and contemporary military conflicts that could promote violent situations or make children acutely aware of war and suffering.

What if I want to create a LEGO army minifigures collection using official LEGO pieces?

Although LEGO does not produce army-specific minifigures, you can get creative by piecing together different components and elements from various LEGO sets to build your own custom army minifigure collection. Using pieces from themes like Space Police, City, or Superheroes, you can create unique figures that satisfy your desire for LEGO military figures without directly promoting war or violence.

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Now that you have a better understanding of LEGO’s policy and the alternative options available to create your own LEGO army minifigures, you can continue on your path of LEGO building, armed with knowledge and creativity. Happy building!

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