LEGO 215 Red Indians: A Colorful Addition To Your Collection In 2024!

Do you enjoy collecting older LEGO sets? If yes, let’s discuss an intriguing blast from the past from the late 1970s: the LEGO 215 Red Indians. This notable set, launched in 1977, transports you to a Native American village, offering a distinctive building adventure.

LEGO Set 215 contains a total of four LEGO Maxifigures dressed in traditional Indian clothing, as well as a canoe.It’s no wonder LEGO enthusiasts appreciate this retro gem of a set.

As you explore the history and charm of LEGO 215 Red Indians, you’ll find it to not only be a great addition to your collection but also a wonderful way to reconnect with LEGO’s heritage. Happy building!

Lego 215 Red Indians Overview

As a fan of LEGO sets, you might be interested in learning more about the classic LEGO 215 “Red Indians” set. This iconic set, released back in 1977, can still be fascinating to many enthusiasts like you. In this overview, we’ll be taking a closer look at the set details, release date, notable features, maxifigures, accessories, and details that make this classic LEGO set stand out.

Set Details

LEGO set 215, also known as “Red Indians,” features a small Native American tribe with a canoe which is designed predominantly blue, red and yellow. The set was designed to depict the lifestyle of a Sioux Indian family, and despite its age, it still provides plenty of playability and enjoyment for LEGO fans like you. The set contains 93 parts, making it relatively simple to construct. The set appeared in the Building Set with People Theme.

LEGO 215

Release Date

LEGO Red Indians was first introduced to the market in 1977. This vintage set has since become a collectible item for many LEGO enthusiasts who appreciate its unique theme and design.

Notable Features

One of the most engaging aspects of the LEGO Red Indians is its four movable maxi-figures. The maxifigures in this set, including tribal members, have articulated arms and legs, which make them more enjoyable for playing and posing.

Accessories and Details

In addition to the detailed minifigures, LEGO 215 boasts numerous accessories that enhance the overall playability and authenticity of the set. Among these are canoe with matching paddles for transportation, and detailed Native American clothing and headdresses.

Collectibility and Market Value

LEGO 215

You might be wondering about the collectibility and market value of the LEGO 215 Red Indians set. In this section, we’ll explore its rarity, demand, and investment potential.

Rarity and Demand

The LEGO 215 Red Indians set is relatively rare and well-received amongst collectors. As an early LEGO set, it has less supply available than more recent ones, making it a notable item in the market. This rarity increases the demand for the LEGO set number 215, as collectors look to add unique and harder-to-find sets to their collections. Remember, though, that the rarity alone doesn’t guarantee high value; it’s essential to consider its condition and overall appeal to collectors.

Investment Potential

The LEGO 215 Red Indians set currently costs about $31 dollars used and about $175 new. The set, which is only available in small numbers due to its age, is a true rarity among LEGO collectors. Despite its rarity, this is not a sure guarantee of high returns in the future.

Specifically, for the LEGO 215 Red Indians set, it is challenging to pinpoint an exact market value or expected return, as this greatly depends on factors such as the set’s condition, rarity, and overall collector interest. While it is no doubt a collectible item, you must carefully consider your personal preferences and the potential risks involved in investing in this particular set.

To keep track of the going prices and market values for various LEGO sets, including the Red Indians set, consider checking websites like BrickEconomy or Brickset. These resources can help you make a better-informed decision on whether the LEGO 215 Red Indians set is a worthy addition to your collection or a potentially lucrative investment opportunity.


Are you curious about the LEGO 215 Red Indians set? You’re in the right place! In this FAQ section, we bring you some of the most commonly asked questions about this LEGO set.

When was the LEGO 215 Red Indians set released?

The LEGO 215 Red Indians set was released back in 1977 as part of the Building Set with People theme.

How many bricks does LEGO 215 Red Indians contain?

The LEGO 215 Red Indians set contains 93 bricks and a total of four minifigures.

How much is the LEGO 215 Red Indians set?

The LEGO 215 Red Indians set costs approximately $31 used and $175 new.

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We hope this FAQ has addressed your questions about the LEGO 215 Red Indians set. Keep building and have fun with your LEGO collection! What do you think of the LEGO 215 Red Indians set? Let us know in the comments!

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