LEGO Forestmen – Ultimate Collector’s Guide 2024

Have you ever encountered LEGO Forestmen sets? If not, you’re in luck! These delightful sets will transport you to a world filled with expert archers and snug hideouts nestled within the lush trees. The LEGO Forestmen theme remains a beloved choice among LEGO enthusiasts, as it merges the thrill of castle and forest environments with the whimsical nostalgia of traditional LEGO sets.

What makes LEGO Forestmen sets stand out is their ability to capture the essence of a merry band of outlaws, right down to their secret hideouts and intricate defense mechanisms. You’ll feel like you’re taking part in their thrilling adventures as you build each set from the theme. With attention to detail and versatile design, these sets provide hours of fun and entertainment for builders of all ages.

So, if you’re ready to dive into a world of medieval adventure and whimsy, LEGO Forestmen sets are an ideal choice. Get ready to be immersed in castle intrigues and forest escapades, as you build and reimagine your favorite memories with these enchanting LEGO sets.

LEGO Forestmen Sets – Classic Sets

LEGO Forestmen sets are a blast from the past that many collectors and fans still cherish today. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most memorable LEGO Forestmen sets, as well as their unique features that made them stand out.

Hay Cart with Smugglers 1680

LEGO Forestman

The Hay Cart with Smugglers set, released in 1990, comes with a small cart loaded with hay and a hidden compartment for smuggling. The set includes three minifigures: three LEGO Forestmen, each equipped with their own accessories.

Crusader’s Cart 1877

LEGO Forestman

This 1989 set, known as the Crusader’s Cart, features a horse-drawn cart. It comes with two minifigures which are dressed like LEGO Forestmen. The cart has a simple design, with a barrel at the back for storage.

Smuggler’s Hayride 1974

LEGO Forestman

The Smuggler’s Hayride set is another hay cart setup, featuring two LEGO Forestmen minifigures and a horse with a wooden cart. Released in 1990, it almost resembles the Hay Cart with smugglers set, but with a different cart design.

Forestmen’s Hideout 6054

LEGO Forestman

The Forestmen’s Hideout is a small woodland fort with a tree and a lookout tower. Launched in 1988, this set comes with two Forestmen minifigures and various weapons, including a bow and arrow.

Camouflaged Outpost 6066

LEGO Forestmen

The 1987 Camouflaged Outpost set features a secret woodland base hidden inside a large hollow tree. The set contains five Forestmen minifigures and a wide array of accessories, making it one of the most popular Forestmen sets among collectors.

Forestmen’s Crossing 6071

LEGO Forestmen

The 1990 Forestmen’s Crossing set is a unique build that showcases a river with a large tree and a bridge. It includes five Forestmen minifigures and a horse.

Forestmen’s River Fortress 6077

LEGO Forestmen

This 1989 classic, called Forestmen’s River Fortress, is a large wooded base surrounded by water and includes a tower, a rope bridge, and a secret treasure room. It comes with six minifigures: five Forestmen and a Crusader.

As you explore these classic LEGO Forestmen sets, remember the creativity and adventure they inspired, and consider adding them to your collection or completing a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

LEGO Forestman Sets – Modern Releases

LEGO has recently released a new set that is sure to catch any LEGO enthusiast’s eye. Let’s take a look at the Forest Hideout 40567 and see what it has to offer.

Forest Hideout 40567

LEGO Forestmen

The Forest Hideout 40567 set is a modern release that brings back the charm and excitement of the classic LEGO Castle theme. This set is perfect for both new and old fans of the Forestmen theme.

This set includes:

  • A detailed and intricately designed Forest Hideout
  • Two minifigures dressed in Forestmen attire
  • Exciting play accessories like a hidden treasure chest and bows and arrows
  • 258 pieces to build and explore

With the Forest Hideout 40567, you can immerse yourself in the world of the Forestmen and create your own adventures filled with action and intrigue. And the best part is that you can connect this new set with your existing LEGO Forestmen sets, creating an even more expansive and exciting play experience.

History of LEGO Forestman

You might be familiar with or curious about LEGO Forestman. In this section, we’ll dive into the history of this beloved theme, from its origins to how it has evolved over time.

Origins of the Theme

LEGO Forestman first appeared in 1987 as a sub-theme of the popular LEGO Castle line. Aimed at providing a touch of novelty and additional characters to the Castle world, these sets introduced a group of skilled archers who lived in the forest. LEGO Forestmen originated from the story of Robin Hood and his merry band of outlaws.

Evolution over Time

Over a four-year period from 1987 to 1990, LEGO released one major Forestmen set per year, each designed to add a unique element to the Castle world. During the 1980s, Castle themes were more diverse and included not only castles and knights but also other interesting characters in the storyline, as mentioned on

The development of the LEGO Forestman witnessed significant growth in detail and design over the years. A more detailed Forestman was released in the Minifigures theme in 2010, with updated features and appearance to engage LEGO enthusiasts even further. If you’re interested in seeing the entire collection of LEGO Forestman sets, watch this video showcasing all of them.

As you learn more about LEGO Forestman and its rich history, it’s essential to appreciate how the beloved theme has captured the hearts of LEGO fans around the world.

Notable Characters and Features

If you’re a fan of LEGO and medieval themes, you’re in for a treat with LEGO Forestman. This fascinating sub-theme brings classic archers and bowmen to life with remarkable attention to detail. In this section, we’ll delve into the notable characters and features of the LEGO Forestman series.

Forestman Minifigures

LEGO Forestman’s minifigures include a variety of archer characters, such as the classic Forestman himself and the more modern Robin Hood minifigure. While the original Forestman figures were part of the Castle faction from 1987 to 1990, a newer, more detailed version joined the Minifigures theme in 2010. Additionally, the Forestman character made an appearance as an unlockable character in LEGO Battles (2009).

Unique Elements

The LEGO Forestman theme sets itself apart from other Castle sub-themes with its focus on reinforcing the stealthy, agile nature of these archers. The sets feature hideouts, treetop perches, and other structures that facilitate the Forestman’s clandestine operations. Forest-themed builds, such as trees and small huts, round out the unique aspects of the LEGO Forestman sets.


As archers and bowmen, LEGO Forestmen minifigures come with essential accessories like quivers, caps, and bows. This enhances their appeal and accurately reflects their skills in archery. Some figures, like the modern Robin Hood, sport more detailed attire, such as a reddish-brown quiver and a cap with greater detail.

Now that you’re familiar with the LEGO Forestman characters and features, you have a better understanding of why this sub-theme is so captivating for enthusiasts of medieval-themed LEGO sets.

Legacy and Impact on LEGO Themes

As a fan of LEGO, you must be excited to learn about the legacy and impact of LEGO Forestman on subsequent themes. The LEGO Forestman sets were a part of the beloved LEGO Castle theme that appeared in the late 1980s to 1990. Designed as a novel addition to the LEGO Castle world, Forestmen provided the much-needed outlaws and bandits to populate your kingdoms. So, let’s delve deeper into how these sets influenced other LEGO themes!

Influence on Subsequent Themes

The Forestmen sub-theme was ground-breaking in many ways. They introduced a unique mix of nature and castle elements that set the stage for many LEGO sets to follow. With the combination of beautiful forest designs and intricate hideouts, LEGO Forestman captured the imagination of fans and became a cherished part of many childhoods.

The biggest influence of the Forestmen series came in the form of their guerrilla-style hideouts – using treetops as lookout points, and camouflaging their bases with branches and leaves. They perfectly captured the essence of Robin Hood and his merry Men, which led to the rise of several similar themes focused on different outlaws and adventure factions over the years.

You can notice their influence in the 1996 LEGO Western theme, where settler forts and bandit hideouts featured similar designs. Moving forward, LEGO themes like Pirates and Ninjago have also taken inspiration from the Forestmen’s adventurous spirit and distinct look. For instance, LEGO Pirates sets centered around hidden caves, islands, and treasure while LEGO Ninjago showcased ninja hideouts with leafy exteriors and hidden entrances.

In conclusion, the LEGO Forestman theme has had a substantial impact on subsequent LEGO themes, paving the way for more adventurous and immersive builds focused on hidden bases, outlaws, and rebels. The Forestmen’s unique design, innovative style, and sense of adventure continue to live on in today’s LEGO creations, proving their lasting influence and appeal to fans of all ages.


Are you curious about the world of LEGO Forestmen? You’ve come to the right place! In this FAQ, we delve into the background, popular sets, and the connection between Forestman and LEGO Wolfpack.

When was the LEGO Forestman theme introduced?

The LEGO Forestmen theme first appeared in 1987, offering fun and imaginative play sets for kids and collectors.

What are some popular Forestman sets?

There are several popular LEGO Forestmen sets, each enchanting in its own way! Some notable examples include the Forestmen River Fortress (Set 6077) and the Camouflaged Outpost (6066). Each set captures the spirit of adventure as minifigures explore and interact within their woodland hideouts built into trees or rocks.

Does Forestman relate to LEGO Wolfpack?

While both LEGO Forestmen and LEGO Wolfpack themes have a medieval setting and intrigue, they are considered separate themes within the broader LEGO Castle universe. Wolfpack was introduced in 1992 and featured outlaws with a wolf symbol as their emblem, quite distinct from the LEGO Forestmen theme.

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What do you think of the LEGO Forestmen sets? Do you even own one of these popular sets? Let us know in the comments!

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